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Porter Brothers' Tragedy:
The Untold Story


Author Glenn Porter
& Steven Porter

Struggling with poverty after the Marchands disrupted their lives, the Porter brothers worked hard to overcome it. They wrote a 930-page manuscript by hand over 16 months, then spent an extra 8 months refining it. Despite not knowing how to use a computer, they discovered a New York City publisher on TV and sent a handwritten package. Austin Macauley Publishers embraced their manuscript, marking a victory over adversity. After publication, they received two 5-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite. The Porters, now supported by Austin Macauley, exemplify resilience, turning hardship into a published success story through their determination and dedication to their craft.

Glenn E. Porter Jr. &
Steven W. Porter

About The Book

Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story

In their twenties, Glenn and Steven Porter’s promising lives took a dramatic turn when they pursued the wealthy daughters of their employers with the intention of marriage. After leaving their jobs, the daughters branded them as “runners,” avoiding marriage responsibilities, prompting their wealthy parents to initiate a statewide manhunt in Maine. The brothers were blacklisted, and their story spread rapidly across the state, inciting jealousy for the perceived overnight wealth through marriage. Facing multiple murder attempts to prevent their fortunes, the Porter Brothers’ Tragedy unfolds with elements of romance, violence, and shattered aspirations. This saga summarizes a compelling narrative, blending elements of love, danger, and dashed hopes against societal scrutiny and ambition.


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What Readers Are Saying

Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story by Glenn Porter and Steven W. Porter is a story that brilliantly depicts what power and greed can do, a story of two brothers hunted down for just trying to create a life for themselves. In their twenties, Glenn Porter and Steven Porter are working for a business run by very rich owners. Things could have been normal for the two brothers if the beautiful daughters of their employers hadn't come onto the scene. The two brothers decide to pursue the girls, but when they choose to move away, they are met with terrible repercussions: blackmail, accusations, murder attempts on their lives, and all kinds of untold maneuvers from powerful people to wreck their path to success. It is gripping to watch them run for their lives, but can they get justice?

Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story is beautifully written and readers will enjoy the prose as well as the nonstop action. The narrative voice is clear and powerful and it draws readers in from the first page. The way the story starts is also engaging; it begins with a very unusual encounter, a curious thing in fact, and that immediately makes the reader hopeful for something dramatic to take place. It does! Although this is not fiction, it reads like a well-crafted novel, only that the authors know how to put life into the narrative with brilliant descriptions and engaging dialogue that can’t go unnoticed by any appreciative reader. Glenn Porter and Steven W. Porter have written a story that plays out in the lives of many people, and it will offer insightful lessons to readers. Apart from being brutally honest, this book is very entertaining, and it shows just how far a human being can go when pushed by greed, jealousy, and the need for revenge.
Christian Sia
for Reader's Favorite
Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story by Glenn Porter and Steven W. Porter is a heart wrenching story of the tragedy of two brothers, a hard-to-put-down tale told with brutal honesty. At the beginning of the story, the Porters, Glenn and Steven, are in their twenties with the future open to them with all its possibilities. The two brothers are employed to work for a business and, coincidentally, they meet the two lovely daughters of their employers and the inevitable happens: they decide to pursue the girls. What could have turned out to be a beautiful tale of romance soon transforms into serious accusations and attempts on the lives of the brothers as they flee from those they once worked for. The stage is well set for a game of power, romance, and broken dreams.

This is a non-fiction work that will grab the attention of the reader from the very start. From the moment the narrator is handed a note from a Mrs. Annette Marchand, the reader knows he can’t put the book down, the urge to know more about Annette and her business becomes very strong and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The story gets more interesting as one reads further, discovering the complex characters and the powerful themes. I loved the way the authors portrayed the theme of man’s inhumanity to man and the illusion that money can do everything. Readers will love the Porter brothers and the bond between them, and they will ache to know what they went through. The language is very accessible and the first person narrative voice comes across powerfully. Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story by Glenn Porter and Steven W. Porter is a book that will surprise most readers. A heartbreaking and well-written story.
Romuald Dzemo
for Reader's Favorite​
Porter Brothers' Tragedy: The Untold Story by Glenn Porter and Steven W. Porter is their story in their own words. The story follows both Glenn and Steven as they began their journey and hoped that it would work out for them. Both in their twenties, they thought it was a great idea to start working for a good business. When they met the daughters of the owner, they felt an attraction that was reciprocated. They wanted the relationships to mean something and marriage was on the cards. However, they left their jobs at the business and soon they found themselves on the 'most wanted' list. The police were looking for them, the girls they loved so much labeled them as runners, and they were blacklisted with no end in sight. With murderous attempts on their lives, is there anywhere they can go to feel safe again?

This book is both heartbreaking and inspirational. It shows what could have been avoided with a little communication between the couples, and a little less interference from other people. The novel is well paced. It feels genuine, filled with raw emotions and the thoughts of two men who had to run for their lives. It was intricate and well written. The authors did a good job of keeping readers' attention. I devoured the book in a matter of hours.
Rabia Tanveer
for Readers' Favorite
Glenn and Steven, the Porter brothers, were young and naive, with dreams of marrying into good families. They worked hard at the wealthy Marchands’ home-run boarding homes, where the couple’s two youngest daughters caught their attention. But soon the Marchands begin to dictate their lives. Wary of the Marchands’ relentless interference, the brothers left their jobs, unaware their lives would be turned upside down. The girls branded them as “runners,” scared away by the commitment of marriage. And the Marchand launched a statewide manhunt, determined to keep the Porters from destroying their family’s image. The brothers soon realized that their pursuit of a content life had come at a deadly cost. Within the tapestry of this harrowing tale lies a dark portrayal of greed, lust, betrayal, and inhumanity. With sincerity and frankness, the authors weave a narrative that delves into the complexities of love and relationships, showcasing unbreakable sibling bonds and the destructive power of dysfunctional family ties. As readers follow the tumultuous journey of the Porter brothers, they will be gripped by their unwavering bond and left yearning to uncover the depths of their suffering. Written in a raw and sincere first-person voice, this non-fiction piece reads like a work of fiction. Intriguing through and through.
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In a dramatic tale by author duo and brothers, Glenn and Steven W. Porter, Porter Brothers’ Tragedy: The Untold Story will suck readers in from the very first pages and will keep them reading all the way through until the end. Detailing the brothers’ experiences in their young adult lives in Maine, the story feels like one is taking an insider’s peek into the intimate lives of one family and one small community. Glenn and Steven were somewhat aimless as twenty-years-old, and eventually hooked up with the daughters of well-off business owners in the community, the Marchands. Their whole lives were tied up with the Marchands, their employment, their housing and their love lives, but when the boys didn’t want to be under the Marchands' thumbs anymore and quit the family business, all heck broke loose. The daughters labeled Glenn and Steven as runners, a statewide manhunt ensued, and their very lives were at risk. How did Glenn and Steven survive? You’ll need to read the book to find out.

Porter Brothers’ Tragedy: The Untold Story is certainly an exciting read with many twists and turns, so many that it almost reads like a work of fiction instead of the true life retelling of these brothers' lives. Many will relate to the trapped feelings of Glenn and Steven and their desire to become their own men, and that makes this story very readable. I am pleased to be able to recommend this book, and I hope to be able to read more from the authors, especially about their very interesting lives, in the future!
Tracy A. Fischer
for Readers' Favorite

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